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ESP MX-220

Called also MX-220II or MX-220-2 --> ESP M (Metallica) X (eXplorer) - 220 (price in yen) II (2 pickups)

- year: from 1989 to 1992 (1987 first made only for James), Japan Custom Shop - Special/Custom Order
- MSRP: Y220/250/270 ~ $3000/3300
- shape: between the Gibson Explorers 1958 and 1976, but with headstock like a "banana"
- construction: set neck (the first made have a step where the neck joins the body, similar to a Gibson explorer)
- neck: mahogany
- body: mahogany
- fingerboard: rosewood 22 frets XJ with pearl dot inlays, 24.75" scale (628mm)
- electronics: active EMG 81 (bridge) / 81 (neck), 1 Volume, 1 Tone, Toggle 3 way selector
- hardware: Gotoh tuners, ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar
- logos and serials:
-- front of headstock: "ESP Custom" light grey/gold glittered logo for black guitars, black/gold glittered for white guitars
-- back of headstock: XXXXXXXX (8 digits) serial number stamped in white or black (NO "ESP Custom Guitars" circle logo). Some of the early models have nothing (no serial) on back of the headstock.

For now I've tracked this guitars:
1989 - 080190XX - BLACK;
           270690XX - GREY SPARKLE (No step, square input jack plate)

1990 - (no records till now)

1991 - 080513XX - BLACK

           230814XX - BLACK (250 headstock)
1992 -
140522XX - WHITE with trem.


colors and other features: olympic white, black, grey sparkle
- notes: This is the most rare Esp Explorer...hard to find today...

Input jacks are round and recessed into the body in early models, from 1990 there's a plate held by four screws, the truss rod cover changed to a 2 screw Gibson style which was no longer flush with the nut but everything else stayed the same including the step in the neck.

The body style of the old ESP Explorer (MX-220, MX-250, EXP) was retired due to Gibson Lawsuit, and a new body style was introduced in 2000 (EX models). Only in Japan you can still find (if you're lucky) or order the old shape called now MX-2. It's hilarious that Gibson in 2012 release the "Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX" copying control pot configuration of ESP MX-220/250, a sort of revenge...


1989-1991 - "EET FUK" (Limited Run about 25 pieces, only 5 with step)

In 1989 ESP start to produce a replica of the first ESP guitar made specifically for James Hetfield in 1987, an MX-220 called "EET FUK" for the write that James made on tape in the upper corner. This guitar have special raised middle finger inlays and come only in olympic white color. In the ESP catalog is called "MX-220 Artist Series". ESP had to produce about 125 guitars, but James told them to stop making a guitar like his one (also because he draw the inlays), so they made only about 25 pieces. Unfortunally no one knows exactly how many guitars was made...

- front of headstock: "ESP Custom" black/gold glittered logo;
- back of headstock: 6 or 7 or 8 digits serial number stamped in black (NO "ESP Custom Guitars" circle logo)

All the other characteristics are the same as the MX-220 production model.

There's 3 different version of the EET FUK:

1st version - 1989 - rounded bell truss rod cover, flat neck to hedstock, step where the neck joins the body, round input jack plate

2nd version - 1989/1990 - pointed bell truss rod cover, curved neck to headstock, no step and round input jack plate
3rd version - 1991 - like 2nd version but with 4 screw square input jack plate

For now I've tracked these:

01 - 1987      - James Hetfield's one!
02 - 1989/04/24 - 240493XX - 1st version

03 - 1989/04/24 - 240493XX - 1st version

04 - 1989/04/26 - 260494XX - 1st version
05 - 1989/05/13 - 130594XX - 1st version
06 - 1989/06/08 - 089697xx - 2nd version repainted by ESP in 2015 --> T15385XXR
07 - 1989/06/14 - 140697XX - 2nd version
08 - 1989/06/16 - 160698XX - 2nd version
09 - 1989/06/16 - 160698XX - 2nd version
10 - 1989/06/23 - 230699XX - 2nd version
11 - 1990/09/17 - 03750X   - 2nd version
12 - 1990/09/19 - 190903XX - 2nd version
13 - 1990/12/06 - 61207xx  - 2nd version
14 - 1991/01/11 - 110110XX - 2nd version
15 - 1991/01/31 - 310110XX - 3rd version
16 - 2000 - Krump's one custom ordered 1 of a kind (ESP black circle logo on the back of the headstock)


Example of ESP MX-220 EET FUK "1st version"

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Example of ESP MX-220 EET FUK "2nd version"

Example of ESP MX-220 EET FUK "3rd version"

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