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1993 - ESP KH-2 "OuiJa"

- shape: KH-2
- construction: neck through body
- neck: 3 piece maple
- body: alder
- fingerboard: rosewood, 25.5" scale, 24 XJ frets, Reverse islamic flag "moon & star" inlays 1 to 12th fret, ,  42mm Locking Nut
- electronics: active EMG 81 pickups (bridge & neck), 2 Volumes, 1 Tone, 3 way switch
- hardware: original Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo, Gotoh Tuners, Black Hardware
- logos and serials:
-- front of headstock: "ESP" light grey/gold glittered logo + "Kirk Hammett" full signature in white

-- back of headstock: nothing / black "ESP CUSTOM GUITARS" circle logo
- colors and other features: Black with "OuiJa" graphic

Written in collaboration with Rick of SteelEdgeGuitars.

1993 - 2 Neck Through Body with reverse moon & stars inlays made for Kirk Hammett
The 1st Ouija ever made for Kirk is his main Ouija that he still keeps. Main characteristics are:
- reverse islamic flag inalys with smaller and less closed moons;
- 2 stars at 24th fret;
- lower frets compared to his second Ouija and the regular production Ouijas;
- equipped with an EMG 89 at the neck and 81 at the bridge;
- the volume knob is placed little down and left to the “1” in the graphic, instead of on top of it;
- nothing on back of the headstock (no serial number or esp circle logo) and a full "Kirk Hammett" signature in white on the top of the headstock ("KH-3 style");
- no string retainer in the headstock;
- special paint that glow in the dark (not glow anymore because the tritnite glow paint used had a 'glow life' of 7-10 yrs), this paint is more “yellowish” than regular Ouijas;
- 2 spelling errors on the body text: "WILLIAM FUED TALKING BAARD SET” instead of “WILLIAM FULD TALKIN BOARD SET”;
- the graphic is a little different than post-regular productions Ouijas (very little details like position of the sun…etc...);
I´m gonna keep some of that details in secret as I don´t really wanna people to make counterfeits.

The 2nd Ouija ever made was given to Kirk not long ago after first one. It has almost the same characteristics as the first, except for these: higher frets (probably extra jumbo frets), two EMG 81, “regular” volume knob placement, "ESP Custom Guitars" circle logo on back of the headstock. This  one was also used by Kirk onstage, as well as for recordings, photoshots, etc... He gave it to a member crew, long time friend with him called Dan, it was dedicated to him by Kirk with some notes in the back mentioning this was one of his main tour guitars as well as used for recording in several albums. It has a full "Kirk Hammett" signature in white on the top of the headstock. (all the next ones have the KH signature).

2) Correct islamic flag "moon & star" inlays, 2 stars at 12th, 1 star at 15-17-19-21-24 frets

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