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1999 - ESP M-2 "Frankenstein"
made by Mark Ryden

Same specs as KH-2 but string through body and Frankensteing custom graphics and led circuit for lighting eyes.
There are actually 3, possibly 4 types:

1) - RED, 1 volume knob, 6 knobs, 1 knob switch, 1 lever switch,
circuitry to light up eyes

2) - RED, 2
volume knobs, 1 lever switch - NO SERIAL

3) - GREEN

Alledgedly there is also a pink one but I think that is mistaken for the second red one and they are one in the same.

ESP M-II 'Frankenstein' (baritona)
This guitar was used for the first time during the Summer Sanitarium Tour 2000
Color: Black
Inlays: "THE MONSTER IS ALIVE!", The inlays' message begins at the bridge and glow green in the dark
Graphic: Red colored Frankenstein. The guitar's body graphic shows Boris Karloff as red colored Frankenstein's monster. The eyes of Frankenstein's monster are two brightly glowing red lights.
Pickups: 2x EMG-81 humbucker
Hardware: 2 volume and 1 tone control
Special: 2 red lights as the graphic's eyes
First time used live: "Summer Sanitarium (2000)" tour
“This is a custom MII with the same Frankenstein graphic as Kirk's other guitar. The placement of the face is a little better on this one, which is cool. The extra controls are for the Randomatic circuitry which Kirk had installed into the body”.



Thanks to Brian D'Souza for the original pics taken at the Monster Kirk Hammett Collection 2015


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