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ESP Company Background -

1975 February: Founded in the finest electric guitar manufacturing as well as the purpose of training of guitar Ripeaman.
1977 April: the establishment of the sales company (Ltd.) A & Es. And it established a manufacturing company (Ltd.) craftsman, also started trade business.
1978 October: to buy the headquarters building in Tokyo's KandaNishiki the town, orthotopic to open an antenna shop "ESP Technical House".
1979 March: Body material for guitar, a single sale, such as the neck material, as well as the start of Japan's first electric guitar full made-to-order system.
1981 March: Founded the ESP-USA in New York, USA. Of sales company Co., Ltd. A & Es in the (stock) Mad Company, company name change of the production company (stock) craftsman in (stock) factory 21.
1981 June: opened a Tokyo factory in Tokyo's Toshima-ku, Takada 1-chome.
1982 March: opened a manufacturing plant in Nagoya.
1982 December: Shibuya, Tokyo Dogenzaka 2-chome to shop purchase. "ESP Craft House" opened.
1983 April: opened the "Japan guitar production Academy" for the purpose of guitar production technician training and repair technician training.
1983 May: the United States of leading guitar pickup manufacturer, Seymour Duncan's agent, acquisition Co., Ltd. Grace sound.
1984 April: building purchase in Tokyo's Shibuya-ku Dogenzaka 1-chome. It opened a shop and rehearsal studio.
1984 October: opened a music school "Japan creation Conservatory of Music" for the purpose of musicians training.
1985 April: opened the "Japanese piano tuner training academy" for the purpose of piano technician training and wind instrument technician training. Shop "Sheldon Guitars" opened in Osaka.
1985 October: violin manufacturing company (with) Kiso Suzuki acquired the violin, (with) Kiso changed its name to the violin. Relocation Nagoya plant in Nagano Prefecture Kiso.
1986 April: opened a site about 6,600 square meters of factory in Niigata Prefecture Sado-Ryƍtsu.
1986 August: "Mon ghee business" in Sendai opened.
1986 September: guitar shop in New York, USA ". 48th st Cusutom Guitars" to open.
1987 February: to consolidate "Japan guitar production Academy" and "Japan creation Conservatory of Music" and the "Japan piano tuner Training School" was renamed as "ESP Musical Academy", and the school corporation / vocational school accredited school Become. In addition, a part of the "Japan guitar production Academy" was renamed as "ESP Guitar Craft Academy", to the hotel.
1987 June: Shop "Guitar Shop The custom" opened in Kanazawa.
1987 August: Shop "craft can" in Nagoya opened.
1988 September: General Administration Building completed in Tokyo's Toshima-ku, Takada 2-chome. Established do the advertising agency business (stock) Office ATTO.
1988 October: Old Guitar Shop "Old guitar garage" in Shibuya, Tokyo, opened a violin shop "Mariorutchi.
1990 June: the United States Los Angeles guitar maker, acquired Schecter USA.
1990 October: Tokyo Surugadai, Kanda to shop "BIGBOSS Tokyo" opened.
1992 March: Founded the ESP-CHINA in chicken west China, Heilongjiang Province.
1992 July: Shop "BIGBOSS Kyoto" to Kyoto establishment. Name changed to "Sheldon Guitars," "Kraft can" "Monkey Business," "Guitar Shop The custom", respectively, "BIGBOSS Osaka" "BIGBOSS Nagoya" "BIGBOSS Sendai," "BIGBOSS Kanazawa".
1993 October: Founded publishing company (Ltd.) Arinosu publishing, artist management company (Ltd.) Ali Cristianos management, the music software production company (Ltd.) Arinosu planning.
1995 January: the acquisition of the US music school MI (Musicians Institute). MI Japan school, "MI Japan Tokyo school", "MI Japan Osaka School," "MI Japan Nagoya University", opened the "MI Japan Sendai school".
1996 March: Shop "BIGBOSS Sapporo" Sapporo opening.
1996 August: Shop "BIGBOSS Hiroshima" in Hiroshima establishment.
1997 April: "MI Japan Sapporo schools", opened the "MI Japan Fukuoka school".
1997 June: fit under the umbrella of the United States of Japanese broadcaster UTB (United Television Broadcasting).
1997 December: prestigious actor training school, which boasts a history of 90 years in the United States, "Theater of the Arts" (TOA), fit under the umbrella of the professional school of the special make-up "Elegance International," the number of graduates working in Hollywood movie .
1998 April: opened the broadcast, video production, film production training schools such as staff "UTB Academy Japan".
2000 July: Shibuya, Tokyo building purchase. MI Japan Tokyo School new school building completion.
2000 November: Tokyo Surugadai, Kanda to shop "BIGBOSS Freaks market" opened.
2001 October: (Ltd.) Arinosu planning, Ltd. Arinosu Publishing Co., Ltd., the ants Cristianos Management Co., Ltd. Trice cycle Entertainment, Inc. tricycle music, changed its name to (stock) tricycle management.
2002 August: 13 stores first retail shop "BIG BOSS Fukuoka" establishment.
2003 April: opened the "ESP Guitar Craft Academy Sendai school".
2005 April: opened a comprehensive entertainment professional school "ESP entertainment" in Osaka. Opened dance and voice actor professional school "Harajuku Performance Village" of the Harajuku Tokyo. Start the nationwide deployment of the new style of music classes for children and the elderly, "ESP Music School".
2005 September: Tokyo Surugadai, Kanda to shop "BIGBOSS Sound liner" establishment.
2007 April: Name change "Harajuku Performance Village" to "ESP performance Village".
2008 June: the new Tokyo plant relocated to Saitama Tokyo factory.
2009 November: opened the "ESP Music School Osaka School".
2009 December: Tokyo Surugadai, Kanda to shop "ESP Guitar Workshop" opened.
2010 May: Tokyo Surugadai, Kanda to shop "VIP Guitars" establishment.
2012 April: Tokyo Surugadai, Kanda to shop "BIGBOSS Ochanomizu Station" opened.
2012 May: "ESP Music School Tokyo School" in Tokyo Surugadai, Kanda opened.
2012 September: relocated to Saitama Sado factory to the new Tokyo second plant. (Ltd.) Trice cycle Entertainment, Inc. tricycle music, integrated into the (stock) tricycle Management Ltd. tricycle.
2013 April: Name change to "ESP performance Village" to "ESP animation voice actor vocational school".
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