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Kerry King [SLAYER]

Kerry King Guitars

1980 - BC Rich

1990 - ESP "Season in the Abbys"   old Kahler, Dimond inlays, old style truss rud cover - everything like on Kerry's own guitar...!

1995 - ESP KKV-380 Crackle Finish Custom Shop guitar ESP produced totaly about 50 psc of these amazing guitars...! My first one is first run of Kerry's signature - early version from 95...! Early ones had srarse "crackles" on grafik...!

KKV380 with crackle finish and eagle inlays... and black bolt-on!

1998 - BC Rich KKVG1 Kerry King V "Trible Graphiс Generation 1 Guitar" Handcrafted shop! First Kerry's signature USA Handcrafted  BC Rich from 98...! It is first Generation which call Gen1, one of Kerry's mainstage guitar till this time..!
I ever have seen only 4 of these... becides Kerry's two...!

2002 - B.C. Rich KKV

2004 - BC Rich "Kerry King" KKVG2 Trible Graphik Generation 2 "Red Marble" USA Handcrafted shop! This is second generation of Kerry's guitars with Beast headstock...! Also interesting that neck has another shape than Gen1...!
Kerry used that "Red marble" in 2004-2005 years...!

BC Rich Kerry King V Trible Orange Flame Gen2 USA Handcrafted shop guitar! you can order it and wait about 1 year!

2005 - BC Rich WARLOCK “Red Marble” USA Handcrafted - personal Kerry King's guitar with KFK pentagram!

2006 - BC Rich Kerry King "Old Grey V" USA Handcrafted shop - Special order of Kerry's old shape guitar! it is same guitar as Kerry's late 80's BC Rich, which he used before he left in ESP...!

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