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Here you can find some photos of the guitar.
I can take for you any pic you need, also video, just write me on whatsapp. +393297856515

In the folder 1 you can see tech pics of the guitar unmounted.
You can see the changes they had to do to make the conversion from the 52 to 59 specs.
They unglued neck to reposition at the correct angle (about 3° increased to 4°); unfortunately I do not have any pics of the process, I think because in 2007 was not as normal/fast as today to do pics...and also at that time conversions were quite "cheap" compared to today. Unfortunately they have not cleaned the excess glue that has leaked from the bonding of the neck, and is seen today as a not really beautiful black spot inside the neck pickup cavity. You (your luthier) can clean it up easily if you want.(I do not care of it). They fill/drill zones to adapt bridge/tailpiece/pickups. Some things have been filled (such as the holes of the old trapezoidal 52 bridge) and other drilled...all normal things...
In the folder 2 you can see old pics of the guitar without pickguard, to see how beautiful is without it. Personally I prefer the guitar without the pickguard, but all real 59 had it...
The faded colour on top looks pretty marked on pics, but if you see it for real is more naturally shaded (more beautiful).
p.s. In theese pics I reversed the neck pu to try a different sound like the 1959 "Greeny" guitar now owned by Kirk Hammett...

The Gibson Logo is AUTHENTIC. When I got the guitar the headstock logo contour was painted with black marker to fill some space between the logo and the black coat (you can see it on this old pics). This was because they stuccoed the edges of logo and protect it with a thick clear coat (that is normal), but they paint the black part with a mask that don't follows the logo. The result is some space between the logo and the black color. For now I have always kept it like this because it is not a problem, but I have already contacted my luthier to fix this little detail. The problem is that now I can't go to my luthier due to CoronaVirus! Also in this case don't scary! Is really a little problem.
In the folder 3 you can see some old pics of the guitar taked outside, you can see how beauty it is...

In the folder 4 you can see last pics I take, with the headstock logo cleaned from the black marker.
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